Days Gone needs a sequel on PS5

Days Gone has been a sales success. The anger of a part of the community with what they consider to be a smear campaign by the press and maneuvers as ‘giving it a 10 on Metacritic to protest the manipulation’ have achieved the unique, most promising of Sony PS4 in the year so far has even managed to overcome in some markets a real GotY as is God of War.

That Days Gone has bugs

That Days Gone has bugsAnd I don’t mean bugs, but design bugs, that’s indisputable. We can debate for months and you can call me whatever you want, but that does not detract from what is clearly a reality. Decisions as the superpowers of Deacon at the time to follow the trail of a girl, not only knowing where to look, but even seeing your ‘hologram’ as if you were connected to a satellite network as the agents of the Division are only comparable with the indicators, the size of the tank of the bike or the recadeo without beer or limonĂ¡. Nor does a combat system help that would make Dead Rising laugh out loud in any of his shows, or some characters that are The Walking Dead What Pin and put on a Game of Thrones.

However, and despite everything, two days ago I acknowledged that Days Gone could have been the bombshell that some say is in Metacritic, that in fact it has everything necessary to be and it has been in how and not in what where all the shots have failed. That is why I am glad of the good sales and good depreciable health that the Sony Bend project seems to be enjoying: good sales means that the project is still alive, and as the old saying goes, where there is life, there is hope.

We need a new Days Gone in PS5

We need a new Days Gone in PS5

We need a new Days Gone at PS5, one made with mime, without haste and with affection. One who knows how to exploit the power of the new console, yes, but also takes his time to tell us the story and not bombard us with bland flashbacks. We need a new Days Gone in PS5 that takes advantage of Sony Bend’s good work and, now yes, brings everything we saw in the E3 and that has not been present in the final version of the game: that society that uses the spawn as if they were just another resource and has something fat and very original to tell.

Sony Bend did a good job, but the rush took its toll. That’s why I would love to see what they’re capable of doing in the company by taking advantage of the good sales and turning, now completely and 100%, into a story that could be more than the umpteenth search of the churri by the on-duty malote who served in the army. I hope this does not remain just a wish and it really does happen, I could finally agree with those who defend the game by sword and cloak and prove that the idea is not bad, it is only misled.

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