The end of God of War: Explanation and theories PS4

The end of God of War turns out to be splendid and much more confusing than it may seem at first glance. It is confirmed, rather than as a final, as the beginning of a new story that on this occasion not only has Kratos as the main protagonist. What we will do along the next lines is to find a true explanation to everything that happens in the history of the game and also to theorize about the future of the saga .

In conclusion, we can understand that the journey that Kratos and Atreus undertake by Fey’s wish is an excuse for both to understand who they are and what their role will be from now on. The two discover that Fey, mother of Atreus and wife of Kratos until his death, was actually a Giant. So is Atreus, who finally takes a concrete role in Nordic mythology: Loki , which we will talk about later. In this way, we understand that Atreus (or Loki) is half God and half Giant, and has a very important and important role in the future of the world.

Kratos also reveals his own son, at a particular moment in the game, his true nature as a god. In the end it also confirms the newly named Loki that in his veins runs blood of deity, of Giant and of human. But the most interesting part of this final part of the game is when Kratos and Atreus discover that their entire trip was embodied in some paintings. That is, it seems that Fey knew the fate of both and knew that they would get there by going through all the dangers that we have witnessed in the adventure. The best part is that these paintings not only show the way made so far, but goes further and also shows what seems to be the future: the figure of a wounded Kratos next to Loki, his son . What does this mean?

Kratos and Loki

Kratos and Loki

We begin to theorize about this important issue, since God of War itself does not offer us a concrete explanation. The tone of the video game and of Kratos himself implies that a great importance is given to the figure of the fratricides within the deities, being Kratos himself a living example: he killed his father Zeus. Baldur also tries to do the same with his mother Freya, and there is even a secondary mission in which it is re-emphasized on this issue, with Atreus wondering who could end up doing such atrocity. Everything indicates that Atreus, or Loki, is destined to kill his father . That is to say, it is possible that what these prophetic paintings show us is the moment of the death of Kratos in the hands of his own son.

Of course, it is a theory and not an affirmation, because the painting itself is purposely ambiguous . As I said before, it is possible that Loki did not kill Kratos but that he is trying to help him at that moment. What does seem obvious is that at some point in history Kratos will be mortally wounded, and who knows if it will be definitively.

Returning to the figure of Loki, it is very interesting to discover that according to ancient texts, it is the father of the Serpent of the World . This would explain why the Serpent, seeing Atreus for the first time during the game, says that it is strangely familiar. How is it possible that a thousand-year-old Snake recognizes a little boy who is only a few years old? Friends, here begins another crazy theory that we can base on the very information that is provided in the game thanks to the stories of Mimir.

Mimir, the head that accompanies us from a moment of the adventure, tells us almost at the end of God of War that the Serpent of the World traveled to the past after the Ragnarok was produced , that is, the End of the World of the Nordic mythology that we will go into a bit more later. A powerful blow from Thor, he explains, is so destructive that this creature returns to the past. It would make sense, therefore, to recognize Atreus or at least sound him if he has already seen him in future events , already taking the role of Loki. This “temporary trip” is very enigmatic and, undoubtedly, the part that is less clear to me at the end of God of War, although later we will resume it because there are more curious data in this regard.

The enigmatic Serpent of the World …

The enigmatic Serpent of the World ...

Considering that Loki is half Giant and half god, knowing that his mother was actually a Giant, it’s time to talk about another of the most mysterious aspects of all God of War : Fey’s own figure. Kratos does not know the nature of his wife, to be surprised when in the end they know the news that she was a Giant. However, everything seems to indicate that Fey did know the nature of Kratos and had a lot of information about the future, if we take into account that he seems to know the omens of the future of the world, which he wants both his husband and his son to know. In fact, the main reason why she sends Kratos and Atreus to scatter her ashes on the top of the highest mountainit is a simple excuse for them to travel to the kingdom of the Giants and learn the truth about their nature and about their role in the future .

But there are many unanswered questions about Fey. According to Mimir himself, in one of his stories, the Giants can not die of natural causes . That is, Fey has not been able to die because of age. However, I understand that if Kratos were murdered, she would take a very different attitude to the one she shows, and without a doubt she would want revenge. So, my theory is that somehow Fey committed suicide, or at least it is what holds most now with the information we have. It is likely that the mother of Atreus decided to end his life so that in this way Kratos and Loki begin the necessary journey to prepare their role in the Ragnarok. Let’s not forget either that when dying, Fey points out with the traces of his hands the trees he wants to be used for his pyre, which in turn allow the protection spell of his house to break and, thus, Odin can locate Kratos and Atreus. That is, he knowingly endangers his family, and I understand that he does so because traveling is much more important for the future than maintaining his current security.

Baldur, when he goes to the house of Kratos and Atreus at the beginning of the game just when the protection spell is broken, he does not go looking for them. Baldur, by order of Odin, is looking for Fey for a very specific and obvious reason: the power that is attributed to the Giants to see the future . This almost confirms the previous theory, which indicates that Fey knew perfectly the future of her son and her husband and therefore makes the decision to die, break the spell and launch them in the search for the truth. Odín already took charge of finishing all the Giants for the same reason: his obsession to reach the vision of the future that supposedly has this incredible race. Baldur, however, finds himself by surprise with something very different: a god from distant lands.

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